If you think your child is unwell, please contact the school directly to discuss their condition and any treatments that are necessary.

Any student who becomes unwell with sickness and diarrhoea must have 48 hours free from symptoms before returning to school.

If you require the Children’s Community Nurses to carry out any medical procedures it is essential that they have the correct details and written permission to do so. Consent forms will be sent out to parents/carers when necessary.

If you require any medication to be given in school time it should be prescribed by the doctor and labelled by the pharmacist. Medicines sent in without this information will not be given. Medicines should clearly show the correct name, dosage and times to be given and will only be administered if the dosage exceeds more than three time per day.

It may be necessary if the treatment is regular to obtain a separate supply from the doctor for school use only which must be labelled correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: No action will be taken from verbal messages.