Details of the Governing Body:

Chair of Governors
Lesley Foster (co-opted)

Vice Chair
Tony Lee (Safeguarding Link) (co-opted)

Governor Ex-Officio
Matthew Ball (Executive Headteacher)

Staff Governors
Angie Howells
Bal Bassi
Kam Daniel
Rachael Dee

Co-Opted Governors
Maria Kidd
Jay Barr
Jane Anderson
Dawn Sucevic
Elaine Maher

Local Authority Representative
Amy Male

Parent Governors
Mary Elliot Parent – Vacancy
Old Hall Parent – Rahaya Khatun

Constitution – Governor

Declarations of Interest


All these Governors hold office for four years.

The Governors are responsible for:
• Appointment of Staff.
• Administering the School Budget.
• Care and maintenance of the School buildings.
• School Development Plan.
• Formulation of all school policy statements.
Anyone interested in becoming a Governor please contact us for details about when posts are available and for more information

Governors Attendance 2017/2018

Governors Attendance 2018/2019

Governors Attendance 2019/2020

Should you need to contact the Chair of Governors, please contact the school directly or email the Clerk at