Money for Activities
There are a number of occasions when students need to send in money to school. To prevent money being mislaid or spent on the wrong activity, the school has designed special envelopes for parents to use. You will be provided with a supply of these at regular intervals. If you need any more at anytime please phone and ask to speak to Rachel in the Office.

Dinner Money
This money MUST be paid on the first day of each week, usually Monday, to Rachel (School Administration Assistant) via the coach/minibus escort, using the envelopes described above.

If your child is entitled to free school meals, application forms are available from the Civic Centre or from the school. Please remember, families already receiving free school meals must re-apply each year.

School Fund
School Fund money is spent on small day to day items which help to enrich the students’ education. e.g. ingredients for cooking, bus fares for mobility programmes, games for leisure programmes etc.

In order to be able to provide these items, we ask if you can contribute £5.00 at the beginning of each term or £15.00 in September. This voluntary contribution helps us to ensure that we can provide the activities which would otherwise not be possible.