Personal Independence Items
All students have one or more personal hygiene targets to work on as part of their personal curriculum. As items used for these targets can be quite costly, we therefore ask if parents can provide a named wash-bag with the following items in it, for use in school:-

Soap Flannel
Toothbrush Toothpaste
Deodorant Shampoo
Conditioner (if used) Comb/Brush
Sanitary Towels (girls)

I would be grateful if you could send these items into school in September.

Continence pads/nappies
The school do not carry a supply of continence pads/nappies. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that a pack is sent into school in September. When stock is running low you will receive a request from a member of staff for a further pack to be sent to school.

If you have any questions regarding the types of pads/nappies or require an assessment you can contact the Children’s Community Nurse who based at the school.