Useful Information for both students and parents.

School routine

School Hours are 8.50a.m. to 3.15pm.

Teaching sessions are as follows:
9.10a.m. to 12.00 noon
1.00p.m. to 2.50p.m.

Break-time snacks
The school has a ‘healthy’ tuck shop that runs during every morning break time and some classes have their own in-class ‘snack time’. Your child’s individual class staff will inform you of the details and if any money is required for this activity. Please do not send in snacks from home unless agreed individually with your child’s class teacher for dietary reasons.

Home School Agreement (New Parents only)

This is a statutory requirement for all schools, designed to increase co-operation and communication between Home and School.

Please phone the school on the same day as the absence (before 10.00 a.m.), giving the reason. We cannot accept messages via the transport so it is not enough to simply tell the escort. You need to contact school.

Let us know in advance about appointments to clinics etc. Ofsted judge the school on the number of absences so it is important that we know when and why your child is away from school.

Accident and Emergency
Please ensure that any emergency contact numbers provided are for someone who can be contacted and can respond should your child for example be taken to hospital, or becomes too poorly to stay in school.

Please remember to notify us of any changes to that information

Respite Bags
For children who attend respite homes during the term, (e.g. Eldon; Emscote etc.) could you please ensure that any bags/suitcases etc. are clearly marked on the outside with the child’s name.

Home/School Diary
Home/School books will be provided for every student on the first day of the new term.

Snow Days

In the event of bad weather, such as snow which would make the school inaccessible we will :

Send a text(SMS) Message to parents/carers/staff

Place information on the website

Contact the following radio stations who will broadcast school closures and also post the information on their website

Free Radio 97.2

Heart FM

Radio WM

These may be the only ways to find out about school closures in the event of bad weather. We cannot guarantee that reception will be staffed or the phone will be answered.

So please ensure that you keep us informed of any changes to your mobile numbers if you wish to receive text (SMS) messages.