Mary Elliot Staffing Structure—Academic Year 2017
Departmental Structure

Dept Head: D.Ward


S Faulkner
S Roberts
D Pearce
J Mansfield
J Turner
R Davies

Specialist Teachers are allocated a pastoral role within this Department

Teaching Assistants:

A Lowbridge
L Evans
R Hall
T Spence
P Grew
K-A Thornley
B Greenwell
M Moore
J Harper – Orme
J Thacker
S Tweedie

Dept Head:


E Smith
L Meredith-Jones
L Jones
P Lewis
Jan Gray

Teaching Assistants:

K Jewkes
M Duckhouse
L Jones
S Kerr
G Fellows
M Parkes
L Norton
V Halls
W Hurst
C Richards
M Wilkinson
Gemma Gonderton
G Ross
L Sedgwick
W Alcinder
K Knox
Lisa Wedgbury
Wendy Gleeson
WJ Baker

Dept Head: H Beaumont


B Bassi (P/T)
H Anthony
S Hussain

Teaching Assistants:

A Melia
S-J Buckley
T Hazel
W Baker
M Lyons
L Swaffield
A Clews
H Beeston

Mary Elliot Staffing Structure – Academic Year 2017
Whole School Teaching / Support

Specialist Teachers

J Mansfield – PE/Outdoor Pursuits  – Music
S Roberts—Design Technology R Davies – Food Technology
J Gray —Art


A Bettelley – Leader of Pupil Health and Social Care

Part Time Teaching Assistants

E Reynolds – ASC
J Haddock – ASC
K Jones – PMLD
S Wilkinson – PLMD
J Flounders – SLD
E Hinton – PMLD
S Wilkes – SLD
M Morris – SLD
E Lane – PMLD
S Ozturk – ASC
L Hardwick – ASC

Catering Department
J Bell (Head Cook)
B Bell (Catering Assistant)
J Poxon ( Catering Assistant)

Lunchtime Supervisors

C Bland O Younis
B McNulty J McGovern
M Roberts D Spinks
D Hall L Williams
J Jones C Durkin
R Perry ( Maternity) A Eggington
J Powell D Dean C Grundy

Site Manager
K Acton

M Garrett                      R Smith

PSA & Reviewing Officer – Interim Safeguarding Lead
S Fogarty

Technicians/Other Support
K Jones (ICT Tech)
O Younis
P Dawes (Swim Tutor)

R Bradbury ( Administrator)
J Jones ( Administrator)