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Staff at Mary Elliot

Our highly skilled and trained staff support our students in all aspects of school life.

Members of staff work in one of the three main departments within the school providing expertise in the curriculum which best suits the learning needs of the students.

We have specialist teachers who deliver Art, Design Technology, Food Technology, Computing, PE and Music to students in the appropriate key stage.

A core curriculum team assist the staff and the students with the delivery of Numeracy and Literacy and also provide support for our gifted and talented students.

Our pastoral support is provided through the heads of departments supported by our assistant head teacher, running alongside this we have a member of staff who supports our parents and transition work as well as a member of staff who supports the students and their families with medical needs.   Externally provided nurses and other support teams are in school to meet and support the students with a wide range of medical needs.


Ofsted made the following comments when they visited the school

Senior leaders and heads of departments consistently communicate the importance of high quality teaching

Teachers have high expectations of what students can achieve. They are knowledgeable and know their students well.  They engage students with their enthusiasm and students respond well.

All teachers and support staff make effective use of signing to aid communication

Teachers and support staff work together well

Staff are well trained in areas such as such as autism and have a very good understanding of how students with profound and multiple and severe learning difficulties progress.  They recognise the apparently small steps that students make but which are significant milestones.