KS4 Curriculum Offer

KS4 Curriculum Offer

National Curriculum Subjects – All students access the full range of national curriculum subjects by following programmes of study which are appropriate to individual needs. All statutory subjects are taught as discrete lessons and cross curricular links are developed which allows priorities such as S.M.S.C. and British Values to be incorporated across the curriculum. Social integration is also encouraged both between departments and across other local schools through events including R.E. theme days, the Christmas fair and the summer fete. A review of the current Key Stage 4 curriculum is currently underway following the publication of the Rochford Review.

Functional Skills – Specific Numeracy, Literacy and PSD topics are focussed on for each student.

Accreditation – ASDAN Personal Progress.

I.E.P.’s – SMART targets that are linked to current overarching needs, identified on an individual basis.

Off Site Activities – Use of external facilities, including our adapted flat, gardens, local allotment, local swimming facilities, educational visits and a selection of residential trips with various priorities.

Intervention Sessions – Additional support is offered within tutor groups and to individuals or small groups both within timetabled lessons and as additional outside of standard timetabled lessons.

Therapies – Where appropriate, students will access hydrotherapy sessions, follow personal movement programs and have access to additional services including Reiki massage, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Enrichment – A weekly programme of enrichment activities provides opportunities for pupils to explore activities beyond the curriculum and integrate with a wide range of pupils from across the school.

KS4 Program of study with accreditation 2016-18