Our Curriculum

Mary Elliot School Curriculum 2018-19

A New Vision for the Curriculum

In response to the Rochford Review, and specific comments made by Diane Rochford and Richard Aird, Mary Elliot School undertook a comprehensive review of all elements of the school curriculum.

Mary Elliot School concurs that it is time to:

* “Change the culture of Special Education so that pupils benefit immediately” by offering a “holistic, meaningful, adult preparing curriculum” which entails the provision of “personalised provision which identifies needs, abilities, barriers and issues; and responds to them” (Richard Aird 2018).

* Doing this “is about putting the young person first” and developing a “really exciting curriculum” as well as “re-thinking assessment” (Diane Rochford 2018).

We concluded that the existing curriculum, which was based upon the Key Stage 3 and 4 National Curriculum, did not meet the needs of our students. Furthermore by following the National Curriculum we had moved away from the school’s stated aim of “Preparing For Life” and were not fully adhering to the school mission statement:

“In preparation for adult life, through partnership with the family and community Mary Elliot School provides a happy, caring and stimulating environment, meeting individual needs, encouraging independence and developing all students to their fullest potential”.

Beginning this September (2018) we are on a journey to develop an exciting curriculum which really does prepare our learners for life. A curriculum which balances communication, cognition and learning with the sensory and therapeutic needs and emotional wellbeing of our students.

Mary Elliot School are delighted to have engaged Peter Imray as our Curriculum Improvement Partner. We will be working with Peter throughout the academic year 2018-19 to implement a new curriculum based upon the Equals Semi Formal Curriculum (for our SLD* & ASC** departments) and to develop an engagement based curriculum for our Sensory Engagement & Therapeutic (SET) Department.

It’s going to be an exciting year at Mary Elliot School. Many changes have been implemented, ensuring all students have a consistent team of staff supporting them, changing curriculum structure and content and assessment methodology. Working under the guidance of Peter Imray we are determined to develop a world class curriculum for our young people.

Please read more about our curriculum here Mary Elliot School Curriculum 2018 & 19.

Peter Imray – SEF Thoughts on Curriculum and Assessment Sept 2018